One of this Bird's favorite movies is Wall-E, and the robot love affair between loveable Wall-E and no-nonsense Eve was the stuff of Hollywood romance. But what about afterwards? Eve was such the "directive" taskmaster and Wall-E embodied the dilligent workerbee. I could see the little egg-shaped Eve puttin' Wall-E to work on many to-do's on her list, or at least that's what I thought when I saw these adorable indoor/outdoor statues created from recycled parts on one of my favorite online stores, Uncommon Goods.

I've talked about this store before, I know, but dang it all, they charm the pantaloons off me. Utah artist Frank Conlon makes these Bot statues of this funny little guy with socket wrenches for eyes, doing all these little tasks, and I couldn't help but create a little story in my head with Wall-E in mind, since this guy is like a tall, skinny version of him. After Eve makes Wall-E mow the lawn as Mow-Bot, she'll make him help out with planting as Gro-Bot, they'll enjoy a glass of wine which Merlot-Bot has to provide, and then he'll boogie down to some funky beats as Fro-Bot.

Jaunty Fine Print: photos from Uncommon Goods website

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