This Bird has never hidden her love of musicals, and one of the best is An American in Paris. A simple enough story: American G.I. lives in Paris, making his way struggling as an artist, meets local girl, they fall in love, but she's already engaged to another man. But it's made all the more Jaunty by the fact that it's an amazing showcase for the great Gene Kelly's multiple talents as an actor, singer, dancer and choreographer. Many people think of Fred Astaire as one of the greatest actor/singer/dancer triple threats, but this Birdie has always favored Gene for his more modern, athletic style of dance. A sweet, rugged handsomeness with an infectious smile, Kelly charms his way through the movies and is irresistable as the American lost in love in the streets of Paris. Music and lyrics by the amazing George and Ira Gershwin, the songs and dance numbers float on air, including one of my favorite songs of all time, Our Love is Here to Stay. And the final dance sequence is one of the most impressive numbers in Silver Screen history, clocking in at over twenty minutes, no dialogue, and one of the most beautiful things you'll ever see.

Inspired by one of my favorite movies, this Francophile-meets-Hollywood outfit was put together from pieces in the Jaunty Wardrobe. Pieces include a lace skirt from White House/Black Market, striped top from The Gap, short sleeve topper from Banana Republic, heels from BCBG, necklace from Anthropologie, and the rest of the jewelry is vintage.

Jaunty Fine Print: Wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki; images taken from IMDB.com

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