So, at the risk of this Birdie looking a total retro/vintage hot mess, I couldn't help but put together an outfit not only inspired by the fashion stylings of Kate Spade, but the bags themselves. Granted, I didn't have the exact-matching cardigan color to match their signature spring style vert, but the trappings of 1940s vintage ivory earrings, bright red tights and patent shoes and a bold print feels just crazy enough to qualify for getting totally Kate Spay-ed, right?

I love how the Kate Spade brand has expanded to clothing. Granted, it sort of forces them to qualify a particular look that fits their overall company image, but since last year, I've been totally loving on their cheeky, young, vintage look. It's both classic and modern-funky, the perfect combination I love so dearly, as the Jaunty Wardrobe is just a giant collection of style insanity that runs the gamut of wearable options, but defintely leans more towards the love of retro styles and silhouettes.

For this outfit, the not-quite-Kate-Spade-green cardigan is from Old Navy, dark purple shirt is from JCPenney, the black and white graphic-print skirt is from J. Crew, grey buckle handbag is from The Limited, red tights from Express, red patent Mary Jane flats are from Nine West, and the clip-on earrings are vintage ivory.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos of wardrobe pieces by Denise Sakaki, from her own Jaunty wardrobe; photos from Kate Spade

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  1. That's totally a jaunty outfit - I could see you sportin the Kate Spade inspiration very easily :-)


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