If you can't laugh at royalty, then who can you laugh at? And really, don't you think all this silly souvenir madness with the upcoming royal nuptials between Kate Middleton and Prince William is worth a chuckle or two? I'm fairly certain the happy couple would get a kick out of these fine items. And I didn't even need to mention the commemorative refrigerator with their engagement photo plastered on the front! Yes, there really is one of those.

So on that happy, fine day of April 29th, wherever you may be, whether it's front row at Westminster Abbey or in your fuzzy slippers watching on television at home, make sure you're enjoying some scones on your "It Should Have Been Me" or "Thanks for the Free Day Off" plates from KK Outlet, you're fully blinged-out in your knockoff Kate Middleton engagement jewelry, stirring a cuppa tea with your Wills n' Kate spoon in your commemoratively cheesy "Loving Cup" and waiting for the procession to start, you can reenact when Wills met Katie, using these incredibly lifelike, slightly terrifying paper dolls.

Of course, the Magpie continues to hold the belief that her invite simply got lost in the mail, so it'll be bunny slippers and a bottle of champagne for this Bird on April 29th, when the big royal wedding kicks off. I promise to eat tea sandwiches with my pinky lifted, right before I shotgun a pint of ale.

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from retailers' websites

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  1. Me loves this stuff. Thank god they lowered the price on that knockoff-ahem!-I mean commemorative engagement ring. I couldn't possible pay 34.99 for it, but only 19.90! It's a steal! :) The Royals should force their children to marry every year to keep us Americans entertained. Kind of like the Hunger Games, except without the violence and, you know, hunger.


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