I always joke with friends about the saying, "Ladies who lunch." For some, it's the privileged life of not having to do the 9 to 5 and only have to wonder what restaurant to meet friends at for the daily gossip. Or in my parents' case, that's just called the joys of retirement. For this Bird's inner-circle, Ladies who Lunch is code for, "Unemployed with Oodles of Time." But on a recent rare occasion, I really did get to be a lady who lunched, heading to a lovely luncheon event and needed something ladylike to wear. 

Like most people, this Bird looks to the world of celebrities for fashion ideas, especially daily wear. Red carpet photos are stunning, but that's too perfectly styled and formal -- I just need a pretty, yet casual idea for lunch! So this Inspired look came from one actress who always channels classic Hollywood, the ever-outspoken Katherine Heigl. This was an old photo, but I liked the pop of color and the mix of modern and classic elements. From the Jaunty Wardrobe, this ladylike luncheon look emerged: a grey drape cardigan (Macys) over a flouncy, eye-catching blouse (Forever 21), tailored black pinstripe slacks (Kohls) with a peek of nude pumps (BCBG). Vintage jewelry, a  silver Victorinox watch, and a large black and white tote (Nordstrom) finish the pretty look with business modern touches.

Jaunty Fine Print:  photograph from InStyle.com and wardrobe photographs by Denise Sakaki

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