The Magpie got all Jaunty-crazy on a set of bedstands a while back. They were just the plain, basic bedstand from Ikea that Mr. Magpie picked up years ago and this Bird got the bee in her bonnet that the Plain Jane bedstand look needed some razzle-dazzle. And maybe some jazzhands.

The Magpie's J'adore for the kooky, thrown together look of collage and mixed media inspired the makeover. A stack of old, torn up Seattle Weekly papers were pasted over the surface of the drawer and cabinet fronts for a Newsie-theme. The plain wooden handles got a dual treatment -- a Celtic knot silver button glued into a drilled-in pit in the original handle, and then the other handle getting a double-triple coating of sparkly silver nail polish. Disco meets the Luck of the Irish? Whatever you want to call it, that's what became of the old drawer pulls without the need to replace them completely. A wash of taupe over the dried newsprint, plus a clear coat to seal, and then a finishing detail of bright red along the edges gave this makeover its final bit of pop. Too crazy? Probably. But they look a lot more interesting than the original plain bedstands!

Jaunty Fine Print:  photographs by Denise Sakaki

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