What a special treat -- this Birdie was invited by the fantastic and lovely Kam of Needle + Thread, to spend a morning taking photos on a totally AMAZING Seattle day. When I say AMAZING, I mean the sun came out, and like little mole people, we rub our little squinty, sun-starved eyes, rejoice in the golden rays, and then complain that it's too bright, and return to our shady buildings. But I guarantee, there was some rejoicing going on.

This was a great opportunity to shadow the the adventures of a well-known street style blogger who has been stalking and capturing fine specimens of sartorial Seattle for some time now. She was one of the organizers behind the grand Blog Meet Blog event last year. She's also a fabulous fashion designer; I've seen her work and it's a shame she's the one snapping the pictures, because she absolutely deserves a style spotlight on her own site!

On this glorious morning of Seattle sun, we started out at Westlake, discovered a few fashion finds, and even chased one particular find a couple of blocks before finally snaring the rare stylista in a photo. I don't know if I could muster up the courage every week to collect these on-the-spot finds, but it certainly is exciting when you see someone wearing a unique outfit and all you can think is, I need to capture that! It was nice how polite and talkative all the style subjects were, with one unique exception -- we came across one particular fashion find, an actor in a movie being filmed at Pike's Market. He was an Asian lad with really good hair, a long olive-colored jacket and light brown suede Oxfords that I totally loved. We didn't realize he was one of the actors for the movie, and I think maybe they thought we were paparazzi?! Anyways, no pictures, please was the final answer, so all we were left with was a funny story, which isn't such a bad thing to take away for the day.

I just posted a couple of photo hints from my own pics that day, plus our favorite, Mr. Jaunty Red Suit fella -- he was a riot! Head over to Needle + Thread to find all the cool people she discovered on our day of photos!

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki, but please go to Needle + Thread to see the full shots Kam did!

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  1. That man is a fashion treasure! This looks like so much fun- what a great blog idea she has- tres chic.

  2. How fun! Kam should host another Blog Meet Blog. :)

  3. a beautiful day can do that to a city! glad to see you got out to take some fun pictures...love Mr. Jaunty Red Suit Man!
    xoxo alison

  4. oh asian elvis! how sad i am that you went un-captured! ; ) thanks for the walkabout... always more fun with two. we'll have to do it again... maybe i can shadow you next time? and don't worry, another blogmeetblog is in the works!

  5. Oh sounds like a fab day. I always get scared that someone is going to be mean.. but am happy that you came away with a fun story!

  6. Looking forward to following Needle & Thread. What a fabulous, fun day you had on the hunt. The gentleman you both photographed is enchanting. I only imagine that he was thrilled to pose for two young gals about town! My youngest daughter & BF were in Seattle in Jan. they would of been a good fashion shot. For being 18 & 19 they are slaves to fashion. He's from Norway & he loves his clothes more than Em. Happy weekend to you and again thanks for the link and the great post. xx


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