This Birdie was spellbound by these Jackie Kennedy-inspired photos by Swedish photographer Kalle Gustafsson. I originally found them on Design Sigh's post, which shows several more stunning photos -- I especially like the brocade strapless dress photo, if you take a peek at the original post. I love the warm tones that wash over some of the color photos, much like the way prints of that time have aged. They remind me of my own parents' wedding photos that had a bit of that pinkish hue. There's a sense of internalized emotion and loneliness in the images, very much evocative of Mrs. Kennedy's quiet composure in her actual photos.

While this Bird would never compare her humble wardrobe to that of the immortal Jackie, an Inspired outfit came out of gazing at these photos. From the Jaunty Wardrobe comes forth a red coral print tie jacket that this Birdie made herself (out of upholstery fabric!), a blue turtleneck shirt underneath (Macys), grey pencil skirt (Banana Republic), nude heels (BCBG), white scarf (a gift), purple satin clutch (Nine West), brown aviators (Banana Republic) and silver glovelets (Nordstrom).

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Kalle Gustafsson, c/o Design Sigh; wardrobe photos by Denise Sakaki

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  1. Oh I can totally see you wearing that. Very classic, but inspired. Lovely.

  2. Wowza! You made that coat!?!?!? Yes you do need to get back on that machine, I am so dang impressed. I would love to see it on. I didn't know you sewed.

    Beautiful outfit, loving this post!

  3. Holy, holy, holy cow... I cannot believe you made that coat. Anytime you feel like taking on customers, here I am!

    This ensemble is so classic and beautiful. I love the contrast of shapes, textures, and colors. So much variety, and yet it all looks so effortlessly pulled together. Teach me, oh wise Magpie!

  4. That jacket rocks! You are so talented :)

  5. I love your picks! Shalonne is right. I can see you wearing this! :)


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