The only Jaunty shopping trips this Bird has been on of late, have been for friends having babies. One of the things I like to do is add something personal along with all the typical baby wishlist registries, because there is nothing cute or adorable about silicone nipples, no matter how practical they may be. I always received books as a child, and while maybe storytime may have fallen by the wayside in lieu of PlayStations and XBoxes, this Bird is hanging on to the notion that there's still people out there who read to their little one. If so, good on you -- reading really is fundamental. And there's definitely some good books out there once you've run through Goodnight Moon five hundred times. 

These are the latest books (some old, some new) that this Bird has taken a Fancy to:

{1} Don't Lick the Dog written/illustrated by Wendy Wahman - a local/Seattle-based author who teaches wise lessons about pet ownership; good for the kids who are starting to ask for a puppy or kitty. Sent this one to a niece right as they got a new dog. 

{2} A Pair of Red Clogs written by Masako Matsuno, illustrated by Kazue Mizumura - I grew up with this book and it's a personal favorite about a little girl with a new pair of red laquer clogs who becomes careless, but learns from her mistakes

{3} Just Being Audrey written by Margaret Cardillo, illustrated by Julia Denos - just discovered this book and it's so charming and beautiful, I have to get a copy for myself. It's a sweet biography about Audrey Hepburn, incredibly illustrated, focusing on all the good things and humanitarian efforts she championed in her life. 

{4} Zen Ghosts written/illustrated by Jon J. Muth - it's never too early to teach a child about questioning the world around them and embracing a deep sense of humanity. A tale about the power of love and lost spirits, elegantly told and illustrated by Jon J. Muth. He also illustratedCity Dog, Country Frog, also a sweet tale about friendship.

{5} This is New York written/illustrated by Miroslav Sasek - this is just one of several cities Sasek has chronicled in his geographical series of wonderfully illustrated books, which you can see here. The classic NYC, London, Paris and Rome are my favorites. They're so modern and clever, and a great way to familiarize children with different places.

{6} Little Pea written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal, illustrated by Jen Corace - all I have to say about this book is: so cute, it hurts!! An adorable little pea reluctantly eats his dinners of candy and sweets, just so he can enjoy his dessert of spinach! Obvious reverse-psychology, I know, but a sweet-pea book to inspire a finicky eater to eat their greens.

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  1. Oh, here's a post after my own heart! I wrote a thesis on children's literature and later managed a children's bookstore. My collection seriously outnumbers books meant for grown-ups!

    Very good choices. Let me know if you ever need more recommendations :)


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