The Magpie explored a preen-worthy shop recently, Carmilia's, an adorable boutique in West Seattle. If you're not familiar with the area, West Seattle is a Jaunty little neighborhood that's just a hop across the West Seattle Bridge (traffic permitting; when busy, not so much of a hop). It's a lovely beachside community with quaint homes and wonderful restaurants and shops. It gets a little crazy in the summer, since it's where Alki Beach is, but when it's not crowded, and one has the time to wander about, take a stroll down California Avenue and visit Carmilia's.

It's such a sweet little shop that one immediately thinks when walking in, If I were to have a shop and fill it with sweet delights, this would be it. Their racks are stocked with comfortable clothing that range from everyday to sassy occasions, including designers like Nanette Lepore, Alice and Trixie, and Theory. There's a little corner for beautiful soaps and scents, as well as jewelry that decorates different parts of the store the way it would decorate a person, with vintage cake platters holding earrings and rings, and delicate pendants hanging on displays. Pretty finds are scattered everywhere, meant to be discovered and appreciated. It kind of reminded me of that one friend that everyone had, the one with the amazing, perfect closet, full of beautiful clothing, jewelry, and plenty of different scents to try on. You could literally spend a whole afternoon just playing dress-up and painting every nail a different color.

Sweet Jaunty thanks to Carmilia's for letting me take some impromptu photos of the shop. I was in there with a friend and happened to have the camera with me, which was a very fortunate thing!

Carmilia's - 4528 California Ave. SW, Seattle - 206.935.1329

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos by Denise Sakaki

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