Don't pooh-pooh this Magpie for reverting to her carefree chickadee days, remembering old favorite books like Ludwig Bemelmans' award-winning and adorable series, Madeline. I think this was one of my earliest introduction to charming Parisian life, through they eyes of the independent-minded and mischief-prone Madeline, the smallest of the twelve girls who left their vine-wrapped house at half past nine, walking in two straight lines.

While this Birdie doesn't have a yellow sailor-hat, she did put together a Parisian Madeline-Inspired outfit of primary colors and happy memories: blue satin dress with Magpie-added button details on the collar (JC Penney), cream puff-sleeve jacket (Anthropologie), red tights (Express), patent yellow clutch (JC Penney), silver-toed black suede mary jane flats (Nine West), and a white oh-so-French vintage beret. And that's all there is -- there isn't any more.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photo and illustration from madeline.com; clothing photos by Denise Sakaki

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  1. Love this post. I love children's books and Paris, what could be better? I'm visiting / living in Paris for two weeks this summer and can't wait! It's been too many years since I last visited so happy to have it on my calendar now.


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