For those in the Mood for resolutions, how about staying in a theme of green? As in eco-green? Pretty much everyone has adopted at least one habit of conservation, but how about stepping up that mentality of ecological stewardship to new levels this year? Redecorating plans for the home? Maybe pick furniture pieces that are refurbished or use recycled materials. Not giving up on that caffeine break every day? Swap out the paper cups for a reusable one -- most chain places like Starbucks give a small discount if you bring in your own cup! Don't forget to bring your lunch now and then -- there's more stylish options than the typical brown paper bag to carry your lunch in. And what about staying fashionable in an ecological way? There are plenty of designers making pieces that are made from recycled products or conservation-friendly materials.

The Magpie found a few pretty things to help kick off this eco-friendly Mood for the new year: {1} High-Minded Chandelier from Anthropologie, {2} Box Appetit lunch container from the MoMA Store, {3} Eclectonote repurposed Read and Write journal from Paper Source, {4} Art Lover Mighty Wallet from the MoMA Store, {5} I Am Not a Paper Cup from the MoMA Store, {6} Vintage Stamp Bracelet from Uncommon Goods

Jaunty Fine Print:  images from shops listed above

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  1. Ooh, I got one of those cups from Walgreens, of all places, not too long ago. I haven't bought coffee into it yet as I usually just drink in the cafe, but it's so handy and keeps coffee warm for a really long time! :) Such a great idea!


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