Sometimes a Bird just can't decide what to wear... so she'll throw everything on at once. Such a Drama Queen -- hence the brooch. Thank heavens for the Inspired looks from Anthropologie's website to help justify this lack of impulse control! I know Anthro's getting a lot of play in recent posts -- it's true, I likey them to the max. More to the point, I likey their Pinwheel Tights to the super-duper max, so this Inspired look took a cue from their textured stems. I like how both outfits manage to combine textures, a raised and flirty hemline, but the covered legs help keep everything demure. And warmer, since baby, it's cold outside!

I've had this pair of textured/spotted tights for a few years, and I love them to bits. I especially love how tights are staying in the style headlines and getting featured in wide-scale campaigns, like the recent J. Crew catalog, featuring a pair of fabulous herringbone tights.

I believe these tights were purchased from Victoria's Secret many moons ago. The satin burgundy dress and brown belt were from JC Penney (You down with JCP? Yeah, you know me!), brown lace cap sleeve blouse was Macys, the white sweater was from The Limited, suede/satin flats are Nine West, and the scarf and jeweled pin were gifts.

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  1. I wore a pair of purple speckled Anthro tights to my families Thanksgiving dinner today and they were a hit. Love their tights!

  2. Wonderful look; those tights are absolutely amazing.

  3. YES YES! Tights! I have even been wearing tights under highwater pants/jeans. I can't stop. I too was completely head over heels for the tights all over the place in the new Jcrew catalog.

    Oh, and I found a solution to the knee high quandary... I have been wearing mine over plain wool tights. They stay up, it's a playful layered look, and extra warmth. I'm very happy with my method thus far.


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