Who says just because it's after New Years, one has to put away their sparkly favorites? The long, grey days of winter are still before us, so it's even more of a reason to wear our favorite bright colors and throw on a sparkly bauble or three. Dazzle the daytime wear by throwing on some nighttime gems, and get down with your bad Jaunty self!

At the risk of looking like a crazy Auntie Mame, this Bird was inspired by the big jewelry of Vera Wang's spring collection of last year, which still looks fresh today, given the carryover of statement pieces. Forever hovering over favorite store, J. Crew, their blingasmic Carrington bow necklace caught this Birdie's Jaunty eye and I've been flying circles 'round it ever since! Maybe it all harkens back to childhood, where imaginative afternoons were spent layering on sparkly finds from my mother's jewelry box, but this Bird has never lost her love of glimmering treasures.

Hand-picked from the Jaunty Wardrobe, the items featured are a jersey knit dress from Maggy London, black and cream ginormous bag from Nordstrom, orange tights from Forever 21, purple raw silk scarf was a gift, grey mary jane heels from Nine West, blue short cardigan and super-duper bling necklace from Express.

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  1. I love all the bright, fun colors in this outfit!

  2. Just because its after New Years does not mean we should put our jewels away..You are so right! In fact its so dreary out we need the sparkly even more...
    The Jcrew necklace is definitely inspiring!

  3. Always wondered if anyone else wore three-quarter sleeves over long ones... thanks for the validation ;)

    Beautiful jewels... and you're so right, now is an excellent time for them.


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