Who says it's not easy bein' green? This Bird was contacted recently about a line of beauty products from the United Kingdom by colorist Louise Galvin. If the name sounds familiar, you're probably familiar with her father, Daniel Galvin, who owns a well known, high-end salon in London. I get approached about products periodically, but the Carbon Neutral Beauty line of hair and skin care products caught the Magpie's eye because of its environmental practices. The products themselves are composed of natural or naturally derived ingredients -- no silicone or polymers often found in most brands, even in some of the higher-end salon products -- and they offset their carbon footprint by partnering with The Carbon Neutral Company, which creates programs for businesses to reduce emissions as well as invest in green-friendly research. 

Galvin's product line ranges from body lotions to hair care items that target different types of hair (fine, curly, thick), and they have a mommy-friendly line of hair care products that are safe to use on expectant mothers as well as their new babies. With so much concern over chemicals and how they interact with our bodies, it's nice to see a company that has the self-awareness to create natural ingredient products, along with a business practice that keeps their manufacturing end in-check with a green-friendly attitude. Louise Galvin's Carbon Neutral Beauty is a UK-based product, but they do ship to the US via their website, plus they list a handful of resellers in the States and several online sources to purchase their products.

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos from louisegalvin.com; sponsored post

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