One of the nice things about fashion is that it's all-inclusive, and everyone has the opportunity to find what suits them best. This Birdie was contacted to give Elvi a peek -- they're a line of stores in the United Kingdom that specializes in plus size fashion, and yes, they do ship to the US. The Magpie got to play stylist for a day, coming up with an everyday outfit that was both comfortable and flattering. Elvi's line of clothing includes simple separates that are easy to mix and match. After rummaging through their online wardrobe, the final outfit was something that would be appropriate for work as well as a meetup with friends after a day at the office. 

In a lot of ways, I don't think it's important to label size/shape-specific clothing because let's face it -- we're all different and our bodies all have their own way of fitting in clothing. The universal things to remember when putting together an outfit, no matter what our body type may be, is to consider fit (not tight, not baggy; things should just skim the body), proportion (clearly define the top and bottom halves), and visual interest (colors, textures, patterns, accessories - mix things up!).

To break down the outfit items, Elvi's {1} black and white boucle jacket is structured and cuts off at the hip, emphasizing good proportion. A jewel-tone {2} gathered neck top, combined with a light {3} stone shrug with beading detail adds both a combination of textures and keeps the focus on the person's face, and the flat-front, {4} chocolate cotton stripe pant is nicely fitted and will elongate the legs, plus the brown color keeps the outfit warm and compliments the rich hue of the satin top. Accessories like the {5} long pearl beaded necklace will add both visual interest to the top half, as well as keep the eye moving vertically, and don't be afraid to be inventive -- a {6} brown stone link necklace can be doubled up and used as a bracelet; the earthy tones will compliment the warm colors in the outfit.

Sure, it's easy enough to throw on a pair of old jeans and a comfy t-shirt, but isn't it nice to be able to walk out the door feeling well-styled and ready for anything?

Jaunty Fine Print: Photos from elvi.com; sponsored post

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  1. I love the brown pants in with this outfit. An unexpected mix that works so well.

    what's the nike craziness? wowza

  2. Ugh, apologies for that horrid spammer who left that annoying list comment. DELETED!


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